Winter Stems and Branches—A Few of My Favorite Things

As you deck your homes with Christmas decor, don’t forget about filling your vases with winter stems and branches to ring in the season! If you didn’t know, I’m a huge proponent of using seasonal stems throughout your home to swap your decor from season to season easily. I always recommend heading to your own yard and clipping any seasonal branches you have, but I also keep a collection of faux stems up in the attic for all seasons. I figured it would be fun to do a little show-and-tell of all the winter stem moments over the years, plus recommend a selection of favorites at every price point.


Winter Stems | Vase (similar) | Rug | Sconce | Couch | Tree | Advent Calendar

In our cozy bonus room, I love how the greenery instantly lends a festive touch to the muted blue. It’s a gentle nod to the season that feels just right.


Winter Stems | Pot | Christmas Trees | Candle | Lamp | Reeded Chest | Swag | Mirror | Wallpaper | Rug

Moving to our dining area, the subtle greenery complements the blue-gray botanical wallpaper, proving that winter decor can be both refined and understated.

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Winter Stems | Ceramic Urn | Velvet Ribbon | Candlesticks | Taper Candles | Dining Chairs | Lantern | Artwork | Dining Table

This is a snapshot of our dining room before we added the wallpaper, and it just goes to show how simply adding a vase and stems can bring a room to life.

061A9857 scaled 1

Winter Stems | White Vase (similar) | Copper Kettle | Marble Holder | Wood Spoons | Wreath | Lantern Sconce | Spice Containers

And let’s not forget the kitchen, where even the smallest sprig can make a difference. I love how the greenery by the store really complements the wreath on the hood, tying it all together.

For those of you inspired to bring a hint of winter’s beauty into your own homes, we’ve put together a round-up of my favorite faux branches and stems at every price point. Whether you’re dressing up a mantle, creating a centerpiece, or simply adding a touch of green to a side table, these pieces are sure to elevate your decor. And the best part?—These branches can stay out until springtime!

  1. Faux Pine & Winterberry $5
  2. Natural Green Pine $9
  3. Maeve Pine Spray $12
  4. Juniper and Pine Pick $12
  5. Faux Juniper $14
  6. Draping Pine Branch $15
  7. Faux Cypress $19
  8. Holiday Greens Fir $22
  9. Extra-Large Faux Cypress $39
  10. Faux Juniper Berry $54
  11. Faux Siberian Elm $69
  12. Lit Faux Pine Bundle $69

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