What NBA trade deadline move was most surprising?

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The NBA trade deadline is among the most anticipated days of the regular season for basketball fans. Teams around the league set the stage for what they will look like not only for the rest of this season, but the next few years.

Every year, some moves catch fans off guard, and a player or two moved that reshapes the landscape of the game. While there were no shortage of surprises this year, it didn’t come with the star power of past seasons. What fans were left with was not only surprise trades, but also a few teams not doing anything, leaving those fanbases scratching their collective heads.

Using the SB Nation Reacts survey, we want to know which decision surprised you the most. Was it former foes teaming up in Milwaukee? Or maybe two of the league’s biggest markets doing absolutely nothing? Or could it be the Hornets trading away a former All-Star (no not that one, or that one, the older one)?

Cast your vote now and be on the lookout for results soon!

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