We need to talk about the Las Vegas Grand Prix, and Spider Pig

There are some pieces that you do not want to write, but the moment demands it.

This may be one such piece.

The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix is upon us, with all the glitz and glamour that Sin City has to offer. There was a huge Opening Ceremony on Wednesday night with driver introductions, musical acts, and more Elvis impersonators than Pierre Gasly seemed comfortable with. Race promoters are promising a spectacle of speed, with some of the highest top speeds of the season and the longest straight now on the schedule.

But, there is something else we need to discuss.

And it comes from the layout of the track:

Screenshot 2023 11 16 at 4.01.57 PM

If you look closely enough yes, it looks exactly like what you are thinking.

Spider Pig.

For those who might need a refresher, “Spider Pig,” otherwise known as Plopper, played a rather critical role in The Simpsons Movie. In the movie there is a scene where Homer Simpson has Plopper upside down, and is walking him on the ceiling.

While singing a made-up jingle that, if it is not in your head yet, will be in a moment when I share this ONE HOUR CUTUP OF THE SCENE:

And, fine. If you do not believe me — or my dear F1 friends over on Threads — then take it from Charles Leclerc:


It’s absolutely Spider Pig.

And now you have that jingle in your head too.

Mission accomplished.

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