US Spot Bitcoin ETFs Record 2nd Best Day – Top Cryptos Expected To Rally

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Just yesterday, the US spot Bitcoin ETFs recorded the second highest inflow since its inception, with a whopping sum of over $887 million. This marks the largest inflow since the 12th of March 2024. Amid this remarkable feat, analysts predict the best cryptos to buy and this includes KangaMoon and Ethereum as these top crypto coins are expected to rally soon.

KangaMoon Is One Of The Best Cryptos To Buy

With a record 10,000 token holders in the ongoing presale, KangaMoon has raised over $7.9 million in presale funds. Additionally, as more people adopt the project, the community has expanded to include over 33,000 registered users. KANG has been added by several cryptocurrency analysts to their list of top crypto coins expected to rally in Q3. They predict that the price of KANG will rise by 500% prior to listing.

Notably, BitMart, a well-known tier-1 CEX, has declared it will list KANG shortly. In the upcoming weeks, KANG is probably going to be listed on more exchanges, like Uniswap. Therefore, this might be the best time to purchase the coin. At the moment, KangaMoon is only selling the token for $0.025 while it is in the bonus presale stage. Early adopters of KANG in stage 1 have received 400% floating returns.

It is now simpler to research market trends because KANG is listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, two well-known cryptocurrency price tracking websites. The KangaMoon project’s emphasis on the community is one of its distinctive features. As per the tokenomics, 250 million tokens, or 25% of the total supply, are designated for in-game rewards. As a result, the platform runs several social media campaigns to give back to the community.

In the meantime, KangaMoon is a cutting-edge network that aims to create a thriving community for fans by fusing GameFi and SocialFi frameworks. Users can participate in a variety of gaming adventures at KangaMoon and win incentives. Adoption is being propelled by the ecosystem’s explosive momentum; major price forecasts for KANG indicate that it will reach $1 in 2024, making it one of the best cryptos to invest in.

Bitcoin Trading Volume Rises Amid ETFs Record

The daily net inflows of US spot Bitcoin ETFs increased significantly, totaling over $887.1 million. Since these funds listed, this is the second-highest inflow in a single day; the record was $1.05 billion on March 12. The majority of Tuesday’s inflows, $379 million in total, came from Fidelity’s FBTC. SoSoValue data shows that BlackRock’s IBIT came in second with net inflows of $274 million.

As of right now, spot Bitcoin ETFs have received a cumulative total of $14.85 billion in net inflows. Other noteworthy players include Bitwise’s BITB, which recorded $61 million in inflows, and Ark Invest and 21Shares’ ARKB, which saw inflows of $139 million. With $28 million in interest, Grayscale’s GBTC saw its third-largest net inflow since conversion. Meanwhile, the 24-hour Bitcoin trading volume has also surged by over 30% to reach $37.7 billion.

Ethereum Price Chart Analysis

On the 7-day chart, the Ethereum price is trading at $3,785 – $3,809, and its market capitalization remained at $456.8 billion. Despite the present market vulnerability, the leading altcoin has steadied above the $3700 support level. The daily Ethereum price chart indicates that buyers are successfully covering the back by projecting a few dismissal candles at this $3700 price.

Should the Ethereum price rise from this support, it will rise 8.5% and challenge the $4,090 peak and resistance. Keep in mind that in order for buyers to sustain the successful uptrend, a breakout from this boundary is essential. However, in the unlikely event that the current combination is delayed, it would indicate a lack of confidence among buyers and suggest a possible breakdown from the $3500 support level.

Soon, It’s Expected That KangaMoon Will Soar

Thanks to the current bull market momentum, KangaMoon has already started to make waves prior to its launch. KangaMoon, one of the best cryptos to invest in, potentially may give its initial investors a 1,000% return on their capital in addition to the 400% profits that are still being made from the ongoing presale.

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