The Twins’ MLB City Connect uniforms feel a little too familiar

Another City Connect jersey has been released, with the Minnesota Twins debuting their newest threads on Monday.

While these are good unis, I feel like I’ve seen them before. The heavy blue with outlines of yellow feels like a trend that I can’t shake…

city connect graphic 1.0


download 24

I see.

It feels like Nike is playing into the dark blue and yellow for every City Connect. How are all these teams synonymous with those colors? Water is everywhere, sure, but if Nike are going to be the only ones making the uniforms, can they at least get some new people in the room for the creative? Because these all look eerily similar to each other.

With these being released, only one more team has yet to unveil their City Connects during this period: the Los Angeles Dodgers. Once they release theirs, the only teams without one will be the New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics. Hopefully these jerseys aren’t also blue and yellow!

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