The Skinny Post: The doldrums of the NFL offseason

We are over a week into the month of June, which means we are squarely within the doldrums of the NFL offseason.

Minicamp fodder is struggling to keep the overall flame burning, and the truth of the matter is that we have about six weeks to go until training camp buzz officially takes off and things feel like normal. Between now and then, the NBA Finals (shoutout Celtics), Stanley Cup Final (shoutout Panthers), baseball season (shoutout whoever you want) and the new season of The Bear (shoutout Carmie) will have to keep us entertained.

But as an extra item on that charcuterie board of options lies a new one that we (Michael Peterson and RJ Ochoa) have cooked up for you. Every week we will be offering our thoughts, opinions and deepest truths relative to the landscape of the NFL at the moment. If it is not obvious this will be an exercise we partake in throughout the regular season as well.

This is The Skinny Post. Let us begin.

Are the new Minnesota Vikings uniforms amazing or not really?


Yes, the new all-white uniforms for the Vikings are amazing. You’re probably not going to find a bigger fan of all-white uniforms than me if we’re being honest. They’re the epitome of “crisp” and “clean.”

As a Chargers fan, I alway go back to the team’s AFL 50th Anniversary uniforms that they wore in the mid-2000s. They were super, super clean with the powder blue numbers. They’re my favorite uniform of all time and these new “Winter Warrior” unis from the Vikings give me those same vibes. Also, if every single position group on the team looks amazing in them, including the offensive linemen, then you know the designers did a hell of a job.

Screenshot 2024 06 10 at 9.33.11 AM

I give these uniforms a 9 out of 10 because they’re amazing, but they’re not the Chargers’ AFL 50th Anniversary set.


Uniforms are an essential part of determining whether or not a football team is good in general. This is scientific fact.

That being said, while I like the Vikings’ odds in 2024, I have to say that these uniforms are a little bit of a miss for me. I am aware at how silly this is going to sound… but they are almost too white. Why can’t there be a bit more purple? Some extra lines? Or a thicker line where there is one?

Obviously the premise here is a white-out of sorts, which is cool. Get the fans involved. Have everyone wear white. But Minnesota’s signature color is purple, so the purple percentage has to be something like 15-20% in my mind, but here they are something like 5%.

Maybe some purple accessories? Purple arm sleeves or wristbands or cleats. Just break it up a tiny bit and I will be all the way in.

Players we are surprised that we have not heard much about this offseason


One guy I thought I’d be seeing a lot more frequently since the draft is new Washington quarterback Jayden Daniels. He was the second quarterback taken this year behind Chicago’s Caleb Williams and just won the Heisman Trophy this past season. But like, I just haven’t seen anything in the way of content involving Daniels from either the team’s official social media platforms or any other football-affiliated page.

I’ve seen plenty of Williams, J.J. McCarthy, and even a good amount of Drake Maye content. I think I may have seen Daniels pull up courtside to a basketball game at one point where he was photographed in the last month but I don’t think I’ve seen a single throw or clip of him at the team’s rookie minicamp or OTAs.

That just screams odd to me after his recent selection in the draft as a future franchise quarterback.


It is certainly strange how low-key Jayden Daniels has been. Honestly I think there is an argument to be made for the Commanders as a whole. They have done so much to their overall organization and it is pretty quiet from around there.

My answer is Kyler Murray, though. It may be my Dallas Cowboys bias showing, but I feel like I have heard more about Daniel Jones, who shares a draft class with Murray. I’ve been much slower to abandon Kyler than most and the Cardinals have such positive energy right now and it feels like people are so willing to give it to everyone else involved with the organization. Remember when they were the team we were connecting Caleb Williams to over and over?

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals

Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

I’m not predicting an MVP season from Murray or anything like that, but I could totally see the Cardinals winning 9-10 games and him benefitting from rookie Marvin Harrison Jr. in addition to his normal contributions in the run game. Could we be looking at a Philip Rivers-like blossom to this part of his career? I’d say so.

Great non-sports things to read or watch between now and end of July


If there is one thing I would suggest EVERYONE go watch as soon as possible it’s the movie Godzilla: Minus One which just dropped on Netflix. I don’t care if you’re into giant monsters or not; it’s one of the best movies you will see this year.

Despite having one of the lowest budgets for a wildly popular major motion picture ($10-12 million), it still went on to win the Oscar for Best Visual Effects and grossed over $116 million. That number actually set the record for lowest budget for a movie to ever win that particular award.

It released in Japan and initially only streamed in Japan as well, but it’s now streaming in the US, so go watch that ASAP. It’s emotional as all heck and just so well done. You won’t regret it.


Please forgive me but I am extraordinarily late to The Crown and need everyone to know that it is one of the greatest shows of all time. I am still in the middle of it, but I am ready to make that proclamation.

Similarly I am reading through some things that I never found the time to and currently I am in the middle of The Hobbit. It may be almost 100 years old, but if you still somehow haven’t read it then consider my stamp of approval given.

Other than those things, I’d offer that reading The Skinny Post is essential for this time (and every time) of year.


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