The Most Expensive Cities in the World: See the Top 10

As with New York, the strong dollar is a large factor behind the California city’s high ranking this year.

7. Paris

Paris, France

Alexander Spatari

Are you surprised that Paris doesn’t appear until seventh place on the list of the world’s most expensive cities? While prices have indeed risen in France’s capital, the relative weakness of the euro has pushed the city down in the rankings.

8. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

Photo: Dance 60/Getty Images

In 2022, Tel Aviv was the third most expensive city in the world, but it has since slipped a few spots. It’s worth noting that The Economist’s survey was performed before the conflict between Israel and Hamas began, and the publication acknowledges this “has affected the exchange rates in Israel and may have made it harder to procure some goods in Tel Aviv, thereby affecting prices.”

— Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Tais Policanti/Getty Images

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