The Impact of HousingWire’s Insiders Award

Nominations for the 2024 HousingWire Insiders award are open throughout the month of June. This prestigious award recognizes the operational leaders who are driving the growth and success of their organizations behind the scenes. 

Over the years, Insiders have shared how this recognition has positively impacted their careers and professional growth. Here’s what some of the previous honorees had to say about the recognition:


Receiving the HousingWire Insiders award has profoundly impacted my professional growth. Prior to receiving this honor, I may have underestimated my impact within the company. This recognition has not only validated my contributions but also instilled a newfound confidence in my abilities.” Jan S. Morris, VP, Associate General Counsel and Corporate and Corporate Development at CoreLogic


It was such an honor to receive the HousingWire Insiders award and to this day I am still receiving compliments about the recognition. People have confidence in knowing they are going to get solid advice and a sincere effort in finding solutions to problems they come to me for help with since my work was recognized and that speaks volumes.”  — Mae Mackey, Senior VP-Production Management at Sun West Mortgage Company


I have been able to leverage my Insiders award outside of my nominating business unit, to my global Enterprise.  I have recently been promoted to Head of Legal for all of North America and I credit this award as contributing to a larger audience’s awareness of the value I bring to the table.” — Kristi M. Christian, Head of Legal and Compliance at Firstsource


Being a winner of the HousingWire Insiders award has had a positive impact on my career. When I’m in the midst of interviewing potential candidates for our firm, they quickly recognize that I’m an recipient. This has become an easy conversation starter. They usually want to know more about the award and inquire as to how I won it.” Shay Vaughn, Director of Corporate Operations at Sandler Law Group


The Insiders Award recognition has been an honor and has led to increased visibility both within my organization and in the industry. The award has opened doors to new opportunities, leadership roles, connections and more involvement in industry-wide initiatives.”  — Naveen Chakrapani, Vice President, Information Technology Strategy at Mr. Cooper


“After 24 years in the industry and receiving the award, it was nice that someone noticed and felt good to be recognized. John Aslanian, SVP, US Mortgage at nCino

Nominate your Insider today and join us in honoring those who truly deserve the spotlight.

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