The Credit Pros review 2024: A credit repair service with customer guarantee, but murky client reviews

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The Credit Pros is a leading credit repair company that claims it can help people rebuild their credit, and its services are backed by a 90-day guarantee. Through The Credit Pros’ services, you can monitor your credit, dispute inaccuracies and take advantage of the platform’s bill reminders and budgeting tools to improve your finances. 

However, the Florida-based company has a mixed reputation. It has strong reviews with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but TrustPilot paused its review page over allegations of fake reviews. And The Credit Pros is currently facing a class-action lawsuit over allegations that it sent text messages that violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. 

Below, learn what services The Credit Pros offers, its pricing and what customers think about the company. All rates and fees were current as of March 20, 2024.

The Credit Pros at a glance 

  • Number of available options: Three plans, Money Management, Prosperity and Success Plus 
  • Cost: 
    • First Work Fee: $119 to $149
    • Monthly Fee: $69 to $149
  • Credit score impact: Does not disclose
  • Ratings: 
    • Better Business Bureau (BBB): A+ Rating and 3.94 out of five based on over 100 reviews
    • TrustPilot: Page paused due to alleged fake reviews

Who is The Credit Pros good for?

If you’ve been the victim of identity theft or have multiple inaccuracies on your credit reports, The Credit Pros may be able to help you get your credit back on track. As a credit repair company, it works to dispute inaccurate information, and it also offers added services like bill reminders and credit-builder loans so you can improve your credit faster. 

Who shouldn’t use The Credit Pros?

If your poor credit is due to ongoing issues — such as missed payments or vehicle repossession — The Credit Pros won’t be as effective. Like other credit repair companies, The Credit Pros cannot remove accurate, timely information from your credit reports, so it may be a waste of money.

Pros Cons
Bill reminder system on all plans Expensive fees
Credit-builder loans available Class-action lawsuit
90-day guarantee Not available in all states
Unusual terms and conditions regarding disputes and lawsuits

Types of services the The Credit Pros provides to help improve credit

The Credit Pros offers a variety of services to help customers improve their credit. But it also offers some added services you don’t typically get from credit repair companies. The Credit Pros’ services include: 

  • Credit reports: With the base plan, you can view one credit score and one credit report. But with the two higher-tier plans, you can view your reports and scores from all three major credit bureaus. 
  • Disputes: If there is inaccurate information on your credit reports, The Credit Pros will contact the bureaus on your behalf to dispute those accounts. 
  • Cease and desist letters: If you’re being hounded by collections calls, The Credit Pros can send out cease and desist letters to your creditors to stop them from contacting you further. 
  • Letters of reference: If you need to apply for an apartment or credit card, The Credit Pros will write a reference advocating for you. 
  • Credit-builder loans: The Credit Pros partners with National Credit Direct to connect customers with credit-builder loans. These loans give you a chance to build your credit and, over time, can boost your credit score. 
The Credit Pros credit repair services Money Management Prosperity Success Plus
Dispute Inaccuracies No Yes Yes
Cease and Desist Letters No Yes Yes
Creditor Intervention No Yes Yes
Letters of Reference No Yes Yes
$5,000 Credit Builder Loan No No Yes
Single-Bureau Report and Score Yes Yes Yes
Access to All Three Bureau Reports and Scores No No Yes
Bill Reminders Yes Yes Yes
Budgeting Tools Yes Yes Yes

How The Credit Pros fees work

With The Credit Pros, there is both a first work fee and a monthly fee. The first work fee is what you have to pay before the company will begin working on your behalf; after that, the monthly fee is what you pay for continual service. 

There are three plans: 

  • Money Management: $119 first work fee, $69 per month after that
  • Prosperity: $129 first work fee, $129 per month after that 
  • Success Plus:  $149 first work fee, $149 per month after that 

The Credit Pros offers a guarantee. According to the company, it will refund your money if none of the negative items on your credit report are deleted within 90 days. 

How does working with The Credit Pros impact credit score

The Credit Pros doesn’t disclose the typical impact it has on clients’ credit scores, nor does it give a range of potential results. 

How long does The Credit Pros take to improve credit score

The Credit Pros doesn’t disclose how long it takes to get results. However, it does have a 90-day guarantee; if it’s unable to get negative information on your credit reports deleted, it will refund your money. 

The Credit Pros ratings and reputation

In general, reviews of The Credit Pros tend to be negative, with past customers complaining disappointing results after spending significant amounts of money. 

It’s also important to note that The Credit Pros had a very high rating with TrustPilot. However, TrustPilot deactivated the page over suspicions that the reviews on the site were fake. 

The Credit Pros Ratings
BBB A+,3.94 out of five based on over 100 reviews
TrustPilot Not available
Consumer Affairs 3.7 out of five
Complaints Board 1.0 out of five

Are their risks with credit repair through The Credit Pros

Like other credit repair companies, there are some risks to working with The Credit Pros. These services can be expensive, and there is no guarantee they’ll be effective, especially since they cannot remove accurate and current negative information from your credit reports. 

You can do all of the same activities — such as disputing inaccuracies or monitoring your credit reports — on your own for free. The appeal of The Credit Pros comes from the fact that they handle it for you, which could save you time. 

Other services The Credit Pros offers 

Besides its credit repair services, there are a few noteworthy features: 

  • Bill reminders: Your payment history makes up 35% of your credit score. To ensure you make your payments on time, The Credit Pros will send you bill reminders. 
  • Budgeting tools: The Credit Pros has a budgeting platform and debt payoff tool you can use to more effectively manage your finances. 

Compare The Credit Pros alternatives

First work fee Monthly fee Credit monitoring & Credit disputes Cease and Desist Letters Debt Settlement Credit-Builder Loans
Current Selection
The Credit Pros
$119 to $149 $69 to $149 Yes Yes No Yes
Credit Saint $99 to $195 $79.99 to $129.99 Yes No No No
The Credit People $19 $99 to $119 Yes No No No
Sky Blue Credit $0 $79 to $99 Yes Yes No No
Current Selection
The Credit Pros
$119 to $149
$69 to $149
Credit Saint No
$99 to $195
$79.99 to $129.99
The Credit People No
$99 to $119
Sky Blue Credit No
$79 to $99

Is The Credit Pros right for you?

If your credit was damaged because your identity was stolen or because you have a common name that is prone to credit report errors, The Credit Pros could help you dispute inaccuracies and boost your credit. The company can dispute those issues on your behalf, write letters of reference and even issue cease and desist letters to your creditors. 

However, The Credit Pros can be quite expensive, and the reviews of the company’s effectiveness are usually negative. You may be better off disputing those inaccuracies on your credit report on your own. 

Frequently asked questions

How much does The Credit Pros cost? 

The Credit Pros’ monthly fees range from $69 to $149 per month, depending on the tier you choose. There is also a first work fee you have to pay upfront, and the fee ranges from $119 to $149. 

How do I cancel my The Credit Pros subscription? 

To cancel your subscription, you must call the customer service department. You can reach customer support by calling 800-411-3050. 

What is the $5,000 credit line from The Credit Pros? 

The $5,000 credit line is a credit-builder loan offered through its partner, National Credit Direct. With a credit builder loan, you take out a loan and it’s held for you in a separate account. You make payments to the lender against the principal and interest in monthly installments, and the loan and your payments are reported to the credit bureaus. Over time, a credit builder loan can build you credit and establish a positive payment history.

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