The Art of Holiday Gift Wrapping

There’s something undeniably magical about taking the time to make your presents feel as unique and intentional on the outside as they are on the inside, especially during the holiday season. I remember years when I didn’t put much thought into holiday gift wrapping. I’d just grab whatever paper was on hand and scribble a name on it with a Sharpie. It got the job done, but the delivery always felt like a letdown, especially considering the thought I put into selecting the perfect gift. (Speaking of the perfect gift… check out all of our 2023 gift guides.)


Curio Cabinet | Wooden Tree | Snowman | Ceramic Houses | Metal Tree

But this year, I’m prepared! I’m wrapping gifts as they arrive (and yes, taking notes because who remembers what’s in each box?), allowing myself to enjoy making each gift as pretty as can be, with ribbons and all. It’s amazing how a little extra care in holiday gift wrapping can make me feel so accomplished.

This year, I went with a mostly solid color palette with maroon, green, and brown kraft paper. I complimented them with a few patterned papers and all the ribbons and bows. I was very inspired by this pin I saved months ago with solid-colored jewel-toned paper and ribbons. But I also purchased this $50 wrapping kit that comes with 3 wrapping paper rolls, 3 rolls of ribbon, and 25 gift tags. Maybe Santa will end up wrapping his presents using that set ;). Here are some other pretty gift-wrapping papers I love!

  1. Ticking Stripe Gift Wrap $5
  2. Venice Flora and Fauna Wrapping Paper Roll $10
  3. Matte Dark Green Holiday Gift Wrap $14
  4. Tobogganing Gift Wrap $5
  5. Minimal Christmas Wrapping Kit $50
  6. Holiday Garden Party Wrapping Roll $7
  7. Stewart Clan Hunting Tartan Wrapping Paper $19
  8. Navy Blue Kraft Paper Roll $26
  9. Gingerbread Lane Gift Wrap $10
  10. Green Toile de Jouy Wrapping Paper $20
  11. Red Kraft Paper Roll $26
  12. Forest Wrapping Paper Roll $15

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Tips For Wrapping Your Gifts With Care:

I’ll be honest… sometimes I stick a tag on it for my kids and call it a day, and they’re none the wiser. But there are certain gifts that I like to take the time to wrap with care. Here are a few creative gift-wrapping tips to add a personal touch and make your presents stand out.

  • You can’t ever go wrong with pretty ribbons and bows.
  • Slip a Polaroid picture of the person you’re gifting to.
  • Clip a greenery sprig and tuck it behind the bow.
  • Tying a cute ornament to the gift is how you go the extra mile!
  1. Santa Gift Tag $6
  2. Mixed Stripe Christmas Gift Ribbon $19
  3. Faux Cedar Sprig (set of 4) $9
  4. Bell Christmas Tree Ornament $5
  5. Plaid Ribbon $27
  6. Vintage Fray Velvet Ribbon $22
  7. Gift Stickers $9
  8. 1″ Velvet Ribbon $4
  9. Christmas Bell Ornaments (set of 9) $18
  10. Khaki Velvet Ribbon $13
  11. Cornflower Blue Velvet Ribbon $20
  12. Red Striped Ribbon (2 pack) $17
  13. Personalized Stocking Tag $6
  14. Christmas Plaid Wool Letter Ornament $12
  15. Wired Canopy Stripe Ribbon $18
  16. Personalized Wire Stocking Name Tags $5

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Gift Wrapping Tools

Along with pretty gift-wrapping inspo, I wanted to share my favorite tools to make the gift-wrapping experience easier, including the winner from our gift-wrapping paper cutters.


Wrapping Paper | Wrapping Buddy Clamps | Wrapping Paper Cutter

Last year, I bought these wrapping buddy clamps, which clamp onto your countertop and hold your wrapping paper AND your tape. They totally make gift wrapping a breeze, and I’ll be keeping this setup along with a basket of wrapping paper pretty much all season.


Don’t forget to stock up on all the essentials to help relieve some stress this holiday season!

  1. Desktop Tape Dispenser $8
  2. Acrylic Tape Dispenser $22
  3. Gift Wrap Bands $4
  4. Golden Acrylic Scissors $22
  5. Ribbon Spool Holder $20
  6. Utility Gift Wrap Rack $11
  7. Customized Gift Wrap Center $33
  8. Scotch Magic Tape $14
  9. Wrapping Buddy Clamps $24
  10. 13-Piece Gift Boxes $14
  11. Helix Paper Cutter $5
  12. Hands Free Tape Dispenser $7

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