Solana Memecoin Mew Debuts on Telegram Courtesy of Pixelverse

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Web3 gaming ecosystem Pixelverse has completed an audacious heist by transporting one of Solana’s best-loved memes to Telegram. The move was initiated with the support of Mew’s creators, admittedly, but the introduction of a principal Solana character on TON is nevertheless a first.

Mew, the face of the Solana catcoin of the same name, is now poised to make its debut in the Telegram-based mini-games with which Pixelverse is now synonymous. It’s a cross-chain collaboration that ought to benefit both ecosystems, demonstrating Solana’s importance in the conception of meme characters with longevity, while bringing a familiar face to TON.

Mew Prepares to Meet Doge

The integration into Pixelverse won’t see the Mew token itself migrated. Rather, it’s just the IP that’s making the journey. The Mew character, styled as an intrepid feline, will be reborn within Pixelverse’s mini-games, which already feature such recognizable figures as Doge of Dogecoin fame.

Pixelverse has struck gold with its mini-games, which have proven to be a case of right format, right time. More than 50 million users tried Pixelverse games within the first month of their launch on Telegram, leveraging the social network’s unrivaled user base that includes hundreds of millions of crypto users. 

Not only have Pixelverse’s gamers struck a chord with players, but they’ve caught the attention of VCs too; last month the web3 entertainment studio completed a $5.5M seed round that attracted the likes of Delphi Ventures and Merit Circle, both known for being bullish on web3 gaming.

TON Takes Off

Telegram Open Network (TON) has been on a tear lately, with the number of active wallet addresses increasing dramatically starting in April. The introduction of ad revenue sharing by Telegram, paid out in TON, has helped to drive attention to the native asset and onboarded more creators and influencers to the TON ecosystem. April was a prolific month for TON all round as USDT launched on the decentralized network, bringing the stablecoin to hundreds of millions of new users.

TON is now demonstrating what other social networks such as X and Meta could have been had their tentative dalliance with crypto and blockchain evolved into something more tangible. While Meta’s attempt at launching its own stablecoin was crushed by regulators, and Elon Musk appears to have moved on from his flirtation with crypto, Telegram has quietly begun integrating TON into its messenger app that’s now the de facto communication medium for the cryptosphere.

Tap-to-Earn Takes Over

Another reason behind TON’s success has been the rise of so-called Tap-to-Earn games that reward users for completing specific tasks. Pixelverse and Notcoin have been at the vanguard of this trend, providing incentives for users to remain active and engage regularly with their favorite apps and games.

With Mew now poised to debut on Telegram, it seems nothing can slow the momentum that’s helped to transform TON – and Pixelverse – into a force to be reckoned with. Should the integration prove successful, expect to see other meme characters debuting soon in Telegram mini-games.

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