Sankt Peders Bageri in Copenhagen, Denmark

Founded in 1652, during the reign of Frederick III, Denmark’s oldest bakery is still beloved by locals in Copenhagen to this day. The shop has every every sort of bread and pastry one could want, from wienerbrød (known internationally as a Danish) to cream-filled fastelavnsboller (Carnival buns).

The undisputed star here though is their coils of cinnamon-scented, sugar crystal-topped dough that draw lines once a week. The onsdagssnegle, “Wednesday snail,” is roughly twice the size of a normal kanelsnegle (cinnamon roll). When it debuted in 1988, the bakery only offered it on its namesake day.

Nowadays, roughly 4,000 of these fragrant buns fly off the shelves each Wednesday. They’re so popular that Sankt Peders relented and made them available the rest of the week—but still offers a generous discount on Onsdag

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