Salesforce To Open A.I. Centre In London, England

Cloud computing giant Salesforce (CRM) is opening a new artificial intelligence (A.I.) centre in London, England, part of a larger $4 billion U.S. investment in the United Kingdom (U.K.).

Salesforce said in a written statement that it will open a 40,000-square-foot facility in downtown London capable of hosting 300 people.

The A.I. centre will be used to encourage industry collaboration among technology companies and engage in A.I. training and upskilling programs for workers.

Salesforce said it expects the A.I. centre will help create 500,000 A.I.-related jobs in the U.K. The new facility officially opens on June 18 with a free event that will train more than 100 developers.

Salesforce said the London A.I. centre is the first of many that the company plans to launch worldwide, and that it will support the company’s U.K. and Ireland businesses.

The A.I. centre is part of a broader $4 billion U.S. investment that Salesforce is making in the U.K. over five years.

Salesforce said that it has already invested more than $200 million U.S. into British start-up companies via its venture capital arm.

News of the London centre comes amid analysts’ concerns over whether Salesforce’s investments in A.I. are paying off.

The company recently reported weaker-than-expected first-quarter financial results and issued tepid forward guidance, sending its stock sharply lower.

So far this year, Salesforce’s stock has declined 8% to trade at $236.53 U.S. per share.

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