Our expert NFL picks for Week 11 of 2023

Ever yearn for a nice easy pick? One that won’t give you a lot of stress? Well, Week 11 in the NFL has you covered.

Naturally we’re talking about Cowboys vs. Panthers, in what might be the easiest pick of the season. Of course, we said that last week about the Broncos and Bills and well… yeah. But seriously, there’s no reason to think Carolina can win at home this point with the team completely imploding and desperate to develop Bryce Young with the worst offensive scheme in the NFL.

In short: It’s going to be an ugly, ugly afternoon on Sunday in Charlotte.

Thankfully we have some actual good football this weekend too. Bengals vs. Ravens will be a banger, and Steelers vs. Browns is oddly fascinating for the future of the AFC North. Meanwhile we’ve got Chiefs vs. Eagles in a Super Bowl rematch on Monday Night Football WITH Taylor Swift’s family meeting Travis Kelce’s family — be still, my beating heart.

Here’s who we’re picking in Week 11.

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