Nishi-Ōyama Station in Ibusuki, Japan

A two-hour train ride from Kagoshima, the Nishi-Ōyama train station is surrounded by agricultural fields and a large volcano, Kaimondake, to the west. The station itself is little more than a slab of concrete with a roof and an obelisk proclaiming it as the southernmost Japan Railways station, but that doesn’t stop train enthusiasts from all over the world coming to see it.

The diesel-powered trains that run through the station only come a handful of times per day and feel like a blast from the past.

Just next to the train station is a yellow postbox. It is said that mail posted through this postbox will bring happiness to both the sender and receiver. Conveniently, there is also a souvenir shop across the road from the train station, which sells postcards, cards, and stamps.

Know Before You Go

The trains only run a few times per day from Kagoshimachuo Station and some require a transfer to another train at Yamakawa. Since the station is unmanned, it is required to buy a ticket at a manned station when getting off the train. Alternatively, the JR Pass will work for this line. There is a parking lot with several spaces available.

The souvenir shop opens at 8 a.m. and serves very good sweet potatoes.

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