Jordan Poole slipping was hilarious, even by Jordan Poole standards

Jordan Poole can’t help from being the funniest player in the NBA, even when it’s something that’s absolutely not his fault.

On Tuesday night a slick spot on the court somehow transformed into the slapstick clip of the year.

It’s not just that Poole fell, but how dramatically he fell. It’s not just that he lost his footing, but that he chose to spike the ball down with two hands — as if he was trying to make a basket off the bounce. It’s how he lays there, if only for a moment, in the fetal position, wondering how everything went wrong.

This is the Jordan Poole experience. You just never know what you’re going to get. One game he’ll score 30 points and look like a competent player, and the next he’ll play with all the fury of a Magikarp escaping a Pokeball, floundering pointlessly while pondering his own existence.

Please never change, Jordan. We’re glad you didn’t get hurt — but this was funny as hell.

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