Hamilton Lane Gains on Partnering With Daphne

Leading private markets investment management firm Hamilton Lane (NASDAQ: HLNE) announced a partnership with, and investment in, Daphne Technologies, a platform facilitating distribution of alternative assets and increased efficiency of the fundraising process.

As part of this partnership, Daphne has integrated with Cobalt – Hamilton Lane’s proprietary private markets data, analytics, forecasting, and diligence platform. Daphne enables straight through data processing by which alternative asset managers can directly transmit fund information into Cobalt, greatly simplifying what has traditionally been a manual and painstaking process for both asset managers and their investors and channel partners.

Daphne enables a direct digital connection between asset managers and their investors and channel partners. Using Daphne, asset managers can digitize fund data and publish it with a click of a button to multiple channels like institutional investors, investment consultants, IBDs and RIAs. This data can be transmitted and consumed via a web-based interface or API. Daphne gives asset managers the tools to simplify and streamline fund diligence and reporting, eliminating months’ worth of manual effort per fund annually. With Daphne asset managers are prepared for the digital future of fundraising with a large and growing base of investors.

Shares in Hamilton Lane gained $1.07 to $119.04 Wednesday.

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