Gourd Museum at the Angier Public Library in Angier, North Carolina

Tucked into a room of the Angier Public Library, the gourd museum is the work of a man who truly loved gourds and understood their versatility and potential. Marvin Johnson grew and collected gourds for many years, finally opening a museum where the public could appreciate them.

The collection takes up a small space, but exhibits a wide variety of mostly bottle gourds that have been crafted into works of art, musical instruments, functional containers, and more.

Know Before You Go

The Gourd Museum is located inside the Angier Public Library building, in a large meeting room. It may be locked, but the librarian can unlock the room if the room is not scheduled to be used for an event.

One part of the museum may be blocked by a mobile room divider “to keep little hands from wondering,” but the divider can be moved.

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