Gordon Lamp in Cheltenham, England

Unwanted and reluctant ownership, Gordon Lamp glimmers faintly and serves as a relic of the bygone Victorian era. It was erected in 1887 to commemorate General Charles George Gordon and his efforts in Khartoum. The lamp stands on an island in the middle of Lansdown Road, once fueled by gas and then later electrified in 1900. Sadly, the lamp had fallen into disrepair, as the brass plaque was unreadable, had only one functioning globe and damage to the structure. To make matters worse, no one wanted to take ownership of this relic. 

In 2011, the then Mayor of Cheltenham, Councillor Anne Regan, raised concerns over the state of the lamp. Recognising their responsibility, the Gloucestershire County Council’s Lighting Authority initiated plans to restore the lamp. Such plans included new ironwork lanterns and globes that light up the Montpellier area.

However, challenges arose as there was no recognised ownership of the lamp. Eventually, Councillor Rob Garnham secured written acceptance from the County Council confirming their reluctant ownership, and the plans could go ahead. Through the collaborative efforts of the Civic Society, local government officials, and community members, the Gordon Lamp was rejuvenated and is an elegant part of the Montpellier area. 

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