González–Álvarez House in St. Augustine, Florida

Located in one of the US’s oldest, continuously occupied cities sits the González–Álvarez House, or the “Oldest House.”


The home is well preserved and packed with information for visitors. Stepping through the front door is like stepping into a time machine into another world. The rooms are set up to help you visualize the time period and the lives of its inhabitants with stylish furniture the occupants might have enjoyed. The structure itself is stunning and marks the Spanish Colonial architecture common in the area. This beautiful home compliments the green wonderland outside. 


The garden is well kept and absolutely breathtaking. The grass is lush and green, the flowers bloom in all corners of yard, and statues paying homage to the changing seasons stand proudly in arches of a paved walkway leading to the house. I could have sat there for hours if they’d let me. 


This entire journey is coupled with a self guided tour you can take through the complex. It is wonderful to learn at your own pace and find the information you are genuinely interested in. 

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