GME and ZIM are Among the Biggest Moving Stocks

News that “Roaring Kitty,” who earned millions squeezing hedge funds in 2021, would host a live stream on Alphabet’s (GOOG) YouTube sent GameStop (GME) stock up by 47.45% on Thursday. The stock’s rise is unprecedented. In hindsight, GameStop could have raised more money had it sold shares yesterday instead of on May 28.

In reality, the share dilution, which raised nearly $950 million, increased the market’s confidence in Gamestop’s liquidity. The firm may sell shares again to take advantage of the market’s excess optimism for shares. The firm will post quarterly earnings on June 11, 2024. It will likely post weak revenue and increasing losses, as sales of consoles and games slump.

In the marine shipping sector, ZIM Integrated Shipping (ZIM) broke down from its rally that began last Dec. 2023. Shares bottomed below $6.50 and peaked at $24.00. Yesterday, Citi (C) cut its rating on ZIM stock to a “Sell.” It cited weak contract volumes on Trans-Pacific trade and rising exposure to spot freight rates for the rating change.

The analyst’s belief that spot freight rates will fall in the second half of the year is without merit. Demand for shipping is rising. More recently, Maersk raised its guidance, which indicates strong container shipping rates. This suggests that ZIM stock will rebound.

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