Generational Gap on Clean Water:Ecolab Study

Data from a global study commissioned by Ecolab (NYSE:ECL), a global sustainability leader offering water solutions and services, and conducted in partnership with Morning Consult, has revealed that the level and immediacy of clean and safe water concerns varies across generations.

Results from the Ecolab Watermark™ Study, global research that consulted more than 25,000 consumers across 15 different countries, found that while concern about water scarcity was high across all generations, older generations expressed higher levels of concern than younger generations. The study also revealed interesting insights into consumer attitudes towards clean and safe water:
• Concern appears to increase by generation, with more than three of every four consumers noting concerns.
• Baby Boomers (82%) are notably more concerned than Millennials (78%) and Generation Z (74%).
• Generation X aligns more closely to Baby Boomers than Millennials and Generation Z on concern, urgency and the need to act today.
• Generation Z consumers are less inclined to be concerned today (41%) and more concerned about what will happen in the future (56%)

ECO shares retreated 43 cents Friday to $228.39.

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