Ethereum Holders Increase Despite Price Drop; Ripple and Angry Pepe Fork Grow In Anticipation Of A Price Pump

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The number of Ethereum (ETH) holders has been steadily increasing over the last month, despite bears being in charge of the market. Investors also share the same bullish sentiment for top crypto coins Ripple (XRP) and Angry Pepe Fork (APORK). Based on the improving sentiment of investors, these are the best altcoins to buy at the moment.

Ethereum (ETH) Holders Grow In Number Despite Price Declines 

Santiment has said in a recent report that the number of Ethereum (ETH) holders has continued to rise despite its declining price. Since December 2023, the number of ETH wallets has been steadily rising. But, on the flip side, Bitcoin wallets have been on a decline. The rise in the number of ETH wallet addresses shows that investors anticipate an Ethereum price increase soon. 

This sentiment is backed by the fact that Ethereum ETFs will begin trading soon. In addition, the SEC has formally dropped its investigation into Ethereum’s studio, Consensys. From its current range at $3,600, many experts expect ETH to hit highs of $5k this year, making it one of the top altcoins to watch.

Investors Show Interest In Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) Over Promising Future

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) is a new addition to the crypto space that has attracted a lot of attention. In just a few days after its crypto ICO was launched, APORK hit the $100k milestone and has now raised over $148k as investors jump into the project. Angry Pepe Fork quickly piqued the interest of investors because of the new approach it is bringing to the meme coin market.

The aim of the project is to transform the meme coin market currently being dominated by zombie coins that have caused a lot of damage recently. Not only will Angry Pepe Fork be employing its community to rid the meme space of these zombie coins, but it has also created a unique “Conquer To Earn Mechanism” that rewards its community members as these coins are defeated.

This model positions APORK as one of the top coins to hold because as more zombie coins are defeated, the APY for staking rises. Also, in moving away from the status quo, Angry Pepe Fork launches with improved tokenomics, having only 1.9 billion APORK tokens. 

Representing what many industry experts believe could be the future of meme coins, there has been a surge of investor interest in this new crypto ICO. Many are already calling APORK the next 100x token as it prepares to launch. Investors have a great opportunity to join this new project as an APORK token is only priced at $0.014 right now.

Ripple (XRP) Open Interest Spikes Following SEC Developments

Ripple (XRP) is another one of the top crypto coins that has recently been affected by the SEC. The Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit that has been since 2020 was initially thought to see settlements of over $2 billion. However, a recent report suggests that Ripple’s settlement won’t exceed $10 million.

The response to this report has been a surge in investors moving to XRP. The rising Open Interest in XRP suggests investors are opening more positions, expecting a major Ripple price surge. From its current range at $0.5000, many expect Ripple to hit highs of $3 before the year ends.


The improving sentiment of investors backed by strong fundamentals is why Ripple and Ethereum are considered two of the best altcoins to buy for significant gains in the second half of the year. 

While these top altcoins will undoubtedly record major price increases, it doesn’t compare to what Angry Pepe Fork is offering. As per market experts, the new incentivized model of APORK is bound to make it one of the most in-demand coins and drive its price up by 100x this year.

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