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Warsaw, Poland, June 3rd, 2024, Chainwire

Competitive Web3 gaming protocol, Elympics has announced a number of new initiatives which are set to realise the full potential of Web3 gaming and facilitate mass adoption. The announcements were made to an audience of over 1.500 Web3 influencers and enthusiasts at the Next Block Expo (NBX) in Warsaw, Poland and will bring its Compete-to-Earn model to gamers across the world. 


Michal Dabrowski, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Elympics, announced from the main stage, a new integration with TON. This opens up the Elympics Protocol to a massive and engaged community who can experience competitive Web3 gaming via a familiar interface. With 900m+ monthly active users on the Telegram, social gaming with token competitions might become a real possibility for mass adoption. 

Dabrowski was joined by TON’s Gaming Lead, Inal Kardan and Animoca Brands’ Founder, Yat Sui for a panel discussion about the integration and the future of Web3 gaming. The ability for developers to benefit from Web3 games development was seen as a game-changer for the industry.

“(Developers) are looking for new monetization models, they are looking for new ways to reach the audience like we are doing with TON. I believe that implementing similar onboarding processes and learning from them will make things as easy as possible (for new users) to get involved with Web3 gaming,” said CEO Michal Dabrowski.


Along with the TON integration announcement, Elympics has launched its incentivised public testnet, which rewards contributors to the ecosystem. Players can join through the Player’s Cockpit and access an already expansive library of competitive games. Developers can connect their games to the Elympics Protocol by using their software development kit (SDK). Elympics has prioritized ease of access for developers with their SDK to ensure good support and a large library of games in line with its vision of a more equitable Web3 ecosystem.

Players and developers can earn points, called “Respect” by engaging with the community in various ways, such as entering gaming competitions and completing quests. A new game was also launched during the conference, called Cut The Zero. Thousands of players all over the world are now participating in token competitions while earning Respect Points. This Compete-to-Earn model is designed with a player-first mentality, to reward all participants and encourage engagement, interaction and growth of the protocol. 


Elympics capped a successful expo by winning the overall audience award for Web3 gaming innovation in recognition of its efforts to expand Web3 adoption. It celebrated this with their first ever community event with partners, investors, influencers and Web3 ambassadors at a top Warsaw nightspot. 

With more new initiatives set to be unveiled in 2024, Elympics is poised to take Web3 gaming to a mainstream audience through strategic partnerships, new innovations and an ever growing library of engaging games. 

For more information about Elympics, visit our website: https://www.elympics.ai/

About Elympics:

Elympics is a protocol that fuels decentralised competitive gaming with real-money competitions creating a web3 gaming ecosystem backed by a sustainable economic model based on zero-sum principles. Elympics provides players with an opportunity to participate in exciting skill-based game social experiences with money competitions, developers with the tools to build such games (or integrate real-money competitions to their existing games) and ambassadors/affiliates/KOL’s/guilds to earn money on bringing new users to the protocol. Each player interacts with games integrated with Elympics via a unified player profile building a decentralised reputation within the ecosystem.

Elympics is positioned to become a metalayer for all games, gaming platforms, guilds, developers interconnecting them under the real-money competitive gaming experience, providing secure financial settlement and unparalleled UX.

Elympics enriches the  whole crypto with the new type of experience – social gaming with money competitions.

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