Dereck Lively’s amazing LEGO sets are NBA Finals most heartwarming side story

With a week in between the last game of the conference finals and the first game of the 2024 NBA Finals, there’s a lot of free time for players to get into stuff. As the Dallas Mavericks prepare to take on the Boston Celtics, Mavs rookie big man Dereck Lively II spent the week at home, doing what everyone secretly wishes they could do: play with LEGOs.

On Monday before the NBA Finals, Lively posted the following video to TikTok about his love of LEGOs, and it’s so cool.

NBA players love LEGOs, from Myles Turner to Victor Wembanyama and now Lively II shows off his collection. I wonder if players have like a chat where they show off LEGO builds they’ve been working on, just some guys being dudes stuff at its finest.

Let’s go through what looks to be an incredibly badass collection of LEGO buildings. Off first glance, lots of historical buildings, respect to that. Avenger’s Tower also looks really cool.

After doing some research, here’s what the prices come out to:

  • Statue of Liberty: $119.99
  • Colosseum (out of stock): $550
  • Pyramid of Giza: $129.99
  • Himeji Castle: $159.99
  • Natural History Museum: $299.99
  • McCallister’s house from Home Alone: $299.95
  • Avenger’s Tower: $499.99

I wish I was an NBA player, not because playing in the NBA is the ultimate dream, it’s so I could afford to buy all these sick looking LEGO sets. I mean the Colosseum one is absolutely awesome and the Pyramid of Giza one might be my favorite of the group. I need LEGO to sponsor me or SB Nation so we can give reviews of LEGO sets.

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