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Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith. A man and woman cuddle together on a grand staircase with blue carpet. She is wearing an off the shoulder red dress that trails down the steps. He is in a white shirt, tan breeches, and black knee-length boots. A candelabra is set on a few steps above them, casting them in a romantic glow.

Elyse: Okay so the stairs would be digging into her back, but I love how different this cover is in terms of composition and color.

Claudia: Beautiful!!

Amanda: It gives me the feeling of it’s just the two of them hanging out after everyone has cleared out following a party.

Sarah: That is a very relaxed and intimate image. I agree, it’s like they’re both thinking, “FINALLY everyone is gone. In related news, stairs are difficult.”

Sneezy: Ah that sweep of the gown down the steps…

Wrath Becomes Her by Aden Polydoros. Most of the cover is a woman's face, half of which is turning into stone and branches are wrapping around her. The Hebrew word "emet" is written on her forehead. A dark gray townscape is along the bottom edge of the cover.

Cover design by Nekro

Sarah: She’s a golem if I’m reading her forehead correctly. It says emet in Hebrew.

Amanda: Correct!

The description calls it Frankenstein meets Inglorious Bastards

Carrie: Ooooooh. It’s a Carrie trap!

Sarah: That is a stunning illustration.

Sneezy: The lines and movement are BEAUTIFUL! I love how most of the colours pull cool to give it a slightly eerie feeling.

How I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon by Kimberly Lemming. An illustrated cover of a curvy Black woman holding a flagon of mead. She's has a pink, curly bob and is wearing a white peasant blouse. She's embraced by a man with tan skin and long dark hair. He has pointed ears and black horns that emerge from his forehead. His green shirt is unbuttoned and bunched around his elbows. He's holding her chin in his hands as light blue leaves and petals swirl around them.

Cover illustration by Mike Pape

Amanda: New cover and I AM IN LOVE

Elyse: Omg I love that

Amanda: That is a perfect “love drunk” face.

Tara: They are so cute!

Sarah: I love that the covers were good to start with and now they’re awesome. What a cool visual development of her success.

Carrie: They kept all the elements I loved!

Sneezy: This just makes me smile.

Truly Madly Deeply by Alexandria Bellefleur. An illustration of a man and woman with bookshelves on either side of them. She is standing on a stack of books and is wearing a purple, floral sun dress and matching heels. She has a straight brown hair that falls to the middle of her back. The man is in jeans, white sneakers and white t-shirt, and a purple sweater vest. He has brown, floppy hair. She is slightly taller because of the aforementioned pile of books she is standing on. She is gripping his sweater vest. A window with a hanging plant is behind them and he has a bisexual pride pin hanging from his jeans.

Cover illustration by Fernanda Suarez

Amanda: That’s definitely Steve from Stranger Things right?

Elyse: Yes

Amanda: Okay cool. Just checking!

I love the hand gripping the sweater vest

Sneezy: Haha, the stack of books!

Sarah: I love his hair, I love the strength of her forearm gripping his sweater, I love that she is clearly in charge here. This is terrific.

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