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Biden receives the latest COVID booster and urges more Americans to get theirs

President Joe Biden donned his latest COVID-19 booster shot Tuesday. He urged the millions of people still waiting to get it by Halloween so that they could enjoy this holiday season with their loved ones.

He said, “Get vaccinated!” and noted that it was free. “Not enough people get it.”

Biden also asked Congress to give the billions of dollars requested by the administration to purchase additional vaccines, treatments, and tests. Some lawmakers refused to fund more than $20 billion for coronavirus funding.

Biden was flanked by his COVID-19 response group. He declared that the fight against virus spread is global and that funding is crucial to this effort.

The White House stated that the updated COVID-19 booster has been given to nearly 20 million people, which includes almost 1 in 5 seniors. The vaccine was reformulated to target sub variants BA.4 or BA.5 of omicron, which are the most prevalent strains in the United States.

Biden stated that winter is approaching and more people should get the vaccine. They will also be spending more time indoors, potentially spreading illness. Biden said that the vaccine is free to all residents within five miles of their homes.

He advised people to have a coronavirus booster along with their annual flu shot. He

stated that a COVID-19 booster would become an annual event.

Biden stated at the White House that “for most Americans, one COVID injection each year will suffice.” You’ll be protected if you have it. You’re putting yourself, and others, at unnecessary risk.

He said, “I’m calling all Americans…all Americans to get their shot as soon as possible,”

Biden received the shot in his left arm from a member of the White House Medical Unit. According to federal health guidance, he had to wait for his booster because he had contracted COVID-19 during the summer.

Biden called upon schools, businesses, and civic leaders to assist, including holding vaccination clinics on-site and allowing employees to get boosted. He stated that most deaths due to COVID-19 can be prevented.

According to Dr. Ashish Jha (leader of the White House response), three respiratory viruses are currently in circulation in the United States: the flu, COVID-19, and RSV, the respiratory syndrome virus.

Jha stated that the combination flu shot and the updated COVID booster would help people stay healthy and avoid serious illness as they prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones.

RSV has been affecting children and there is no cure. However, companies are trying to find one.

Jha stated Tuesday that if everyone went out and got their vaccines we could get this through without getting into too much trouble.

Jha stated that if you rely on your older vaccine from nine months or an infection from one year ago, it is unlikely to be effective.

Biden had to wait several months before he could get his COVID booster updated because he was first infected with COVID-19 this summer.

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