Best Bath Towels 2024: 13 Editor-Approved Picks to Cozy Up To

Tester: Lizzie Soufleris, visuals editor

When Coyuchi says “Air Weight,” they mean it. These towels are 100% cotton with a twill weave and feel thinner than some of the other options on this list, but visuals editor Lizzie Soufleris can confirm that doesn’t mean they don’t feel super soft. Lizzie found that, while they might not possess that spa-like sumptuousness as other terry towels, the weightlessness does mean the towels themselves dry off a little quicker. Lizzie did notice two little caveats though. While the Coyuchi towels generally have good absorbency, they aren’t quite as good at drying her hair as some of her thicker towels. She also noticed a bit of shedding the first few times she used the towel, particularly when she was applying skincare products. “I found that there were tiny cotton fibers stuck to the palms of my hands, imperceptible until they were accidentally mixed with my moisturizer and stuck to my face,” Lizzie said, though the issue seems to have gone away after three washes.

Best for: If you want a towel that’s not super sumptuous.

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