Apple To Unveil A.I. Products At Developers Conference

Apple (AAPL) is widely expected to unveil new artificial intelligence (A.I.) products at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference that begins today (June 10).

Highlights that are anticipated include an A.I.-enabled Siri voice assistant for the iPhone, new A.I. microchips, and a potential partnership with ChatGPT creator OpenAI.

Apple chief executive officer (CEO) Tim Cook is under pressure to demonstrate that Apple has not been left out of the A.I. revolution or ceded ground to competitors such as Microsoft (MSFT).

Microsoft overtook Apple as the world’s largest publicly traded company earlier this year, and microchip designer Nvidia (NVDA) recently knocked Apple down to third place on the list.

Apple’s stock has slumped this year over concerns about slowing sales of the iPhone and that the company has largely been left out of the race for A.I. supremacy.

The company plans to use the developers conference at its Silicon Valley headquarters to show important A.I. updates to its apps, operating systems, and consumer electronic devices.

Multiple media reports say Apple plans to enable Siri to control many apps on a user’s behalf through the enablement of A.I., such as the ability to delete an unwanted email.

Tim Cook is also expected to announce a partnership with OpenAI that will see ChatGPT’s generative A.I. technology integrated into Apple’s next iPhone operating system, iOS 18.

Some analysts say the addition of A.I. should help to boost sales of new iPhones at a time when the company is facing strong competition globally, particularly in China.

Apple is also expected to announce new microchips that will support A.I. computers and laptops.

Cook may also announce that Apple plans to use its own microchips for data centres. By using its own chips, Apple can avoid having to buy expensive processors from Nvidia.

The developers conference runs until June 14.

Apple’s stock has risen 7% in the past 12 months to trade at $196.89 U.S. per share.

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