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In the past, I’ve felt self-conscious when putting a hat on, like it “wasn’t me” or something. But I realized that the more you wear a hat, the more you like it on yourself. (Plus, they’re great for day-four hair, am I right?!) I’m really into brimmed hats these days because they keep the sun out of your eyes — I love a hat when I go for my Sunday walks with Cricket or for a day at the beach or by the pool. In fact, I would rather wear a hat than sunglasses!

Chris Loves Julia | Julia in the front walkway with a baseball hat and sunglasses holding her dog Cricket on a leash.Chris Loves Julia | Julia in the front walkway with a baseball hat and sunglasses holding her dog Cricket on a leash.
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Especially now that plain tees are so in, hats are also just a great way to accessorize. My friend from Idaho just got a really stylish baseball cap with NY on it. I told her I always wanted to wear one, and I have no connection to New York. But after talking with her, I realized that it’s like how people wear Ivy League collegiate sweatshirts whether they went there or not — it’s just a look. It freed me up, and I want to give you the same permission: You can wear whatever hat you want just because you like it!

I recently bought a hat from Gigi Pip as a gift for my sister Andi. When you open the packaging, the box reads: “for the women who wear many hats.” I just love that, because we all have so many roles we play every day. So here’s to wearing all the hats!

  1. H&M Khaki Green/Global Cotton Cap $8
  2. Summersalt Glow The Going Places Baseball Hat $21 On sale with code SPF30! Sold out last year but they brought it back!
  3. Madewell Alabaster Broken-In Baseball Cap $30 I promise, I’m on my way!!
  4. Royal Blue Brooklyn Dodgers Adjustable Hat $30
  5. Evereve Moss Green NY Baseball Hat $30
  6. White Los Angeles Dodgers Cap $35 Wore this one last weekend for all my Father’s Day prep and errands. Pretty sure it made me more productive.
  7. Anthropologie Red London Baseball Cap $42
  8. Ascot + Hart Out of Office Trucker Hat $42 It’s summer, after all!
  9. Revolve Beige & Green Caviar Cowboy Cap $48
  10. Gigi Pip Forest Green National Park Trucker Hat $48 Or if you’re in the market for a straw hat, I just got this one! Sold out, but they have lots of good options.
  11. Clare V Denim Ciao Baseball Hat $59
  12. Ralph Lauren Nautical Ink Cap $60
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