8 Best Adjustable Bed Frames for Every Kind of Sleeper (2024)

Looking for the best adjustable bed frames? While it may not be the sexiest furniture shopping, tracking down a high-quality adjustable bed frame can seriously upgrade your sleep quality and experience. Being able to control the angle of your bed can ameliorate a plethora of sleep-based issues— including sleep apnea, acid reflux, lower back pain, and snoring.

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Rest assured that all of our selections for the best adjustable bed frames will check every one of your boxes in terms of comfort and technology. Not only are they all ergonomic, but they fit all kinds of mattresses—from hybrid to innerspring mattresses—while also offering accessibility for sleepers who have trouble lying on a flat surface or need additional help getting into bed. We’ve looked at the dimensions and materials, and have also poured through the customer reviews to make our choices for what may be your new bed. It’s time to give your mattress the base it deserves.

What is an adjustable bed frame?

An adjustable bed frame allows sleepers to incline and recline the angle of their mattress. Typically, both the feet and the head of the bed can be adjusted. Being able to customize your bed can provide a more comfortable sleep experience, combat snoring, relieve pain, and promote better circulation.

What makes a good adjustable bed frame?

A strong metal base is key for longevity and support, you may find other premium materials on the legs or upholstery but looking for a frame that is constructed from metal will help you in the long run. While presets are important (anti-snore anyone?), it is also important to consider the range of adjustability on the head and foot areas so you can create your own perfect sleeping position (or watching TV). You also want to be able to save those to a preset so you’re not doing a little math every night. Other features like adjustable legs, zero clearance, and headboard brackets will help the frame fit into your space.

Please note that all prices are for queen-size adjustable beds. Check retailers for additional price and size information.

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