13 Best Comforters on Amazon For Bedtime Bliss

There should be a Goldilocks-style evaluation process when weighing your options for the best bedding—and evaluating the best comforters on Amazon is no exception. You don’t want to be too hot or too cold. Nor do you want a comforter that’s too light or too heavy. You want to feel cozied up and practically embraced in a warm hug—regardless of the season. There are plenty of popular duvet inserts and comforters, including some down alternatives with a microfiber filling. As for the real deal, down comforters are known for their superior warmth and breathability, and they’re typically assessed for the following factors:

  • Exterior construction: It’s best to look for a comforter with squares stitched into it that also has side walls. This is called baffle-box construction, which West Elm once told us means “each chamber has an equal amount of fill and the side walls prevent the fill from shifting.” A baffle-box comforter will never be totally flat in one corner while the other is full and fluffy.
  • Exterior fabric: We’re talking soft, high-quality cotton.
  • Fill: 100% down, ideally!
  • Fill power: The higher the fill power, the warmer the comforter.

Keeping these criteria in mind and scouring Amazon for the top-rated down comforters, below are the best of the best. Plus, we shared a couple of down alternatives that are budget-friendly and beloved by Amazon shoppers. And with the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Day just around the corner, we’ll have these bookmarked to see if they go on sale. Plus, while you’re shopping for your cozy new comforter, you might want to check out the best duvet covers to go with it.

APSMILE All Seasons Down Comforter

The secret to this feather down comforter is the hand-sewn baffle-box quilted construction. It’s also wrapped in a poly-cotton blend fabric, and it’s available in the following sizes: oversized king, super king, California king, king, oversized queen, queen, and twin.

DOWNFORT White Goose Down Fiber Comforter

You’ll find a 100% Hungarian white goose down fiber filling in the DOWNFORT comforter. It also has black piping to make it significantly more durable, and the poly-cotton blend cover gets extra points for breathability. Purchase it in king, queen, or twin sizes.

Wellos Goose Down Comforter

Loaded up with more than 850 fill-power feathers and down filling, there’s a lot to love about this comforter from Wellos. Most notably, the brand has a patented three-dimensional parallelogram baffle-box construction to help retain warmth. It comes in twin, queen, king, and California king sizes.

Cosybay Goose Feather Down Comforter

Next on our list of the best comforters on Amazon, this lightweight comforter with a 100% cotton cover was made for hot sleepers. There’s also quite a few sizes, ranging from twin and full to oversized queen and king.

Globon Ultra-Soft Down Feather Comforter

The 700 fill power comes from premium down feathers, and the 420 thread count organic cotton shell will make you feel like you’ve just checked into a luxury hotel. Four sizes are available: twin, queen, king, and California king.

DownAero Goose Down Comforter

A high-quality splurge, DownAero’s down comforter takes things to the next level with a fill power of 900-plus and dual-stage fill construction. So unlike the traditional baffle-box quilted comforter, it’s filled in two separate stages to make it as fluffy as possible. It should be noted that this is recommended as a winter season comforter, in particular.

Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Fiber Waterfowl Feather Fiber Comforter Duvet

Filled with 80% down and 20% feather fiber for just the right amount of fluff, this down duvet is a high-quality, ethically sourced product that’s suitable for year-round use. It also comes in a wide range of dimensions, from queen size to palatial king and twin.

Puredown Goose Down Comforter

This one almost checks our 100% down box. The Puredown comforter has 93% goose down, but it comes with a fill power of 800 and three-dimensional baffle-box construction. The pinch pleat design and 100% cotton shell also makes it more suitable as a standalone comforter. Sizes include twin, full/queen, king, or oversized king.

Serta White Down Feather Fiber Comforter

Serta’s comforter has a slightly lower fill power (500), but it’s made with 75% white down fiber and 25% white feather fiber. Sizes are available for twin, full/queen, or king beds, and you can choose from the all season duvet or opt for alternatives made to provide extra or light warmth.

Three Geese Pinch Pleat Goose Feathers Down Comforter

Similar to DownAero’s comforter, Three Geese offers a more budget-friendly option that has a 750-plus fill power. However, the fill comprises 75% waterfowl feathers and only 25% waterfowl down. Sizing is available for twin, queen, king, California king, and palatial king beds.

Maple&Stone Feather Down Comforter

For more security, there are eight corner tab loops attached to this comforter, making it easy to attach a cover. That being said, it’s made with a 100% cotton cover, so you can use it as a comforter or duvet insert with a cover. Keep in mind this one is filled with 90% duck feathers and 10% duck down. These comforters come in California king, king, queen, and twin sizes

Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert

This lower-cost hypoallergenic comforter isn’t down, but it’s an Amazon winner, according to more than 95,000 five-star reviews. The down alternative duvet insert is machine washable, filled with 100% microfiber and covered in a polyester shell, so it’s best to use this as a duvet insert.

Bedsure Queen Comforter Set

Another Amazon best-seller, this comprises three popular pieces: a comforter and two shams. The down alternative comforter has a microfiber filling and it comes in multiple color options, so you can decide to use it with or without a cover.

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